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September 20, 2013
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[TGB] Aoba (Blue-Earth) by KalinaChan [TGB] Aoba (Blue-Earth) by KalinaChan


My third TGB character, one of Kakoora's and Kena's kits eue

Before anyone asks: Yes, the name was Dmmd inspired. Yes, that Paper's kitten is called Noiz is also on purpose. LMFAO.


Name: Aoba
Pronunciation: Ah-Oh-Bah
Meaning: Blue Leaf
Kit Nickname: Cicada
Age: 9 Moons
Gender: Male
Breed: Australian Mist X Abyssinian X Balinese X Singapura

Tribe: Earth (Born in Shadow)
Profession: Guard Apprentice
Soulbound: None
Mentor: Shasta

[ Earth | Primary | ? ]

[ Skill 1 | Feel The Earth ] You can feel the roots of plants beneath the earth, a worm that slithers through the earth beneath your paws.

[ Skill 2 | Growing Plants 1 ] You can control the growing of a seed of a small plant / requires a lot of energy!

+3 Skills


[ Outgoing | Ambitious | Trusting | Honest | Sarcastic | WIP (Developed when older) ]

[ :bulletgreen: | Outgoing ] - Making friends is no big deal for the young tom. Even if a cat may appear shy to him, he will try to talk to them and possibly make a new friend. Cats who treat him badly in return are usually frowned upon, but he will always give them a second chance, if they try to change their attitude towards him (or anyone they may have been disrespectful to in his presence). Aoba has confidence in his ability to infect others with his will to give everyone a chance - Loneliness should not be a problem to any cat, especially his tribe mates and young cats who wish to walk a path along others instead of having to walk alone.

[ :bulletgreen: | Ambitious ] - His ambitions are extremely important to the young tom. Trying to please his mentor or tribe mates at all cost, he is one of the cats who put duties over personal business and relationships. The code of the spirits is the highest law for him due to this matter. No matter if friends or family - The tribe comes first. Aoba wants to be one of the best guards Earth Tribe has ever seen and impress others with his skills, especially the authorities of the tribes, and of course the spirits.

[ :bulletyellow: | Trusting ] - Some may consider it a good or bad thing that Aoba has a habit of putting his trust on other cats without thinking twice. He wants to see good in everyone without being biased from rumors he may have heard about a tribe or a cat he has not met before. If that is the wiser choice in all cases? Doubtable. It needs a lot to shatter Aoba's trust in someone, maybe even making him a hopeless fool. Trust, however, is something he would miss in his life if he did not stay true to his vows.

[ :bulletyellow: | Honest ] - Unlike his father, Aoba has a tendency to tell other cats the brutal truth, no matter if asked for his opinion or not. Although he tries to take the feelings of cats he befriended into consideration, he usually refuses to lie to them, even if it would be the better choice. In his eyes, lying to others is causing bad karma and taints a relationship with dishonest emotions. This behavior originates from the bad example of his own father, who lied to him and his siblings when pretending he wanted them, ultimately ending in a negative relationship for the two of them. He wants to be different and not cause others pain by lying to them.

[ :bulletred: | Sarcastic ] - Mostly around close friends and family members, Aoba has a tendency to sarcastically comment on anything stupid or embarrassing they do. He means no harm, but his patience sometimes gets strained if other cats around him cannot be serious most of the time. Quirky and cheerful cats trigger this feature more often than reserved, thoughtful felines. Either way, his sarcasm is never really hurtful, just some rather negatively hinted comments about what others are doing so they at least try to behave a little.

[ :bulletred: | WIP (Developed when older) }

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Current Crushes: Weiland
Past Crushes: Rey


♣ Aoba was born with a gene defect that runs in Kakoora's family and makes his fur appear blue, while his siblings are all gray-brown.
♣ He has a heavy father-, as well as a brother-complex and will usually develop crushes on cats who make a good father figure or remind him of his brother Noiz.
♣ Aoba is somewhat afraid of commitment and would never consider having kits with anyone, fearing he could end up the same as his father.


[ Early Life | Independence ]

[ Early Life ] Cicada was born to Kakoora and Kena of Shadow Tribe, along with three siblings - Ari, Sier and Lyric. Although his parents had mostly just become mates due to Kena expecting kits, they acted like a normal family when the little family was together. However, deep inside Kakoora knew he could not handle being a father yet, thus he acted distant when being alone with the kits. Cicada thought this was normal and that he probably feared he could crush them, so he did not mind his distance too much. At some point, Cicada befriended a tom named Requiem, a tribe mate, who became his first friend, aside from his 'aunt' Sojir, and of course his own family.

During the preparations for the caiman war, Cicada helped Shadow Tribe and several other kits from different families to find spots in the caves of Shadow Tribe, where they could hide in during the battle. Obsidia, the former apprentice of his father, helped babysitting Cicada and his siblings at some point, when the family and Sojir were too busy, but they ended up not liking each other, since Obsidia stated that she could not stand kits.

[ Independence ] To be added


[ Name || Gender || Status || Affiliation ]

♣ Father | Kakoora || Male || Alive || Shadow Tribe
♣ Mother | Kena || Female || Alive || Loner

♣ Siblings
Aiden (Lyric) || Female || Alive || Air Tribe
Khepri (Ari) || Female || Alive || Water Tribe
Noiz (Sier) || Male || Alive || Fire Tribe

♣ Extended Family ( Not Blood Related )
Sojir || Female || Alive || Shadow Tribe
Jensen || Male || Alive || Fire Tribe
Karsynn || Female || Alive || Water Tribe
Melibourne || Female || Alive || Fire Tribe


TGB - Aoba's Heart Chart by KalinaChan


Height Chart ||

Including Deviations | |

Including Roleplays

Roleplay Information

Chat Rp-✔ Most times, but I can be distracted
Note Rp-✔ Anytime! Just send me a note
Skype Rp-✔ For close friends only
Time Zone: Central European Time Zone (GMT+1)

Roleplay Example

( From NinthShadows )

Amun was slightly impressed by the black wolf. He knew how to play an interesting challenge. It would not become boring, that the tom cat was sure of. For a short moment he followed Shadow into the forest, then walked into a different direction, increasing his speed, to find a monster before the canine would do. If I am already out here, I at least want to kill one of these beasts he thought, a grin appearing on his face. In his run he ignored a bunch of doves, who were walking around on a clearing. Although they would have been perfect prey for the young tom, he decided to eat later, to gain some time and not waste it for his personal needs. "Alright, where are you, night beasts?" he growled, his eyes staying focused on every movement while he dashed through the woods.
About seven minutes had passed, which Amun had spent running. Exhausted he stopped, his tongue hanging out of his mouth, as he panted for air. Nearby there was a small brook, off which he began to drink. Keeping his gaze always over the ground, he was prepared for any ambush. To keep sure he was not missing a single movement he turned his ears from left to right and back a few times, until he stopped drinking from the brook. Well, maybe I can hunt a bit... His eyes followed the path of a shrew, which was hurrying back into its burrow. However, before that could happen, it was caught between the claws of the dark red tom cat. As he was about to turn around and chew on his new meal, he was facing a big, stinking wolf which was standing on his back legs, his eyes glowing in the moon's reflection. "Oh, good. I thought I'd die of boredom." Amun said, but was immediately hit by its paw and was thrown against a tree.
With intense pain in his legs and flank Amun stood up again. His eyes were glowing with hatred for the mutant canine, which had thankfully not used his claws on him. Though his body was aching, the tom cat leaped for an attack and got the chance to claw the head of the creature, then he ran down the back of it, leaving several cuts in its fur. Being behind it, he had the perfect opportunity to attack its legs, which he did immediately. The werewolf turned around, hitting Amun with his leg during his action. "Darn!" he hissed and took a few steps back. His heart was racing from pain and physical pressure, but he was not going to give up easily. With one of his bleeding paws he cut the belt on his back, to take his gun into his mouth. "Now I am not being easy on you anymore!" he mumbled into the gun.
With dashing paws, which were thumping like thunder under the bleeding body of the tom cat, Amun ran to the side of his opponent. In the back of his head there was always the creature of his sister, who he had to protect at all cost. He was not allowed to die in such a ridiculous battle. Although his flank burned like a knife had been stung into it, he didn't make a stop. Then he leaped, leaped onto the back of the mighty monster. "I'm up here, night beast!" he growled, his eyes widening in anger. As the werewolf rose his head to watch the tom, Amun had already pulled the trigger of his gun and a silver bullet was tearing the face of the beast. Dammit... The red feline tried hard to land on his feet and slipped, when the weight of his whole body came onto the wounded side of his body. A painful groan left his jaw, as he fell down onto his side. With short, cut breath he looked back at the canine, who was shaking its head, to get rid of the blood on its eyes. The heart... He was trying to stand up again. I have to hit the heart... Again he aimed for the werewolf, but this time he could barely keep his eyes open, as he was trying to focus the heart of the creature, the only weak spot which he could destroy with a silver bullet.
Before Amun was able to pull the trigger for another time, the canine beast managed to get its eyes clean again. Caught in a bursting rage it ran to the tom cat, who quickly jumped up, his eyes being way weaker than before. With steps, which looked like he was dancing, he moved out of the monster's way, causing the werewolf to crush into a tree with its head stuck into it. "You don't look that strong anymore now, beast." Amun said, grinning with new awoken faith. Now he only had to find a new ankle, of which he could hit the heart from. Maybe if I shoot its back... No, that's too risky he thought, while walking around the giant creature, which tried to get free again, claws breaking the bark from the oak he was stuck in. "Well then, let's get adventurous!" With these words he slipped under the beast and shot right up into the chest of the mutant, a last, painful growl echoing in the forest. "Oh come on!" Of course, much to the displeasure of Amun, the blood of the werewolf dropped down and covered him, making the non-red parts of his fur even redder than the actual pelt. "Now I have to clean myself..." he snarled, but then laughed. With a cheerful look on his face he walked away from the dead corpse, of course with a fang as a trophy. At the brook that he had crossed before he began to clean himself, the cold water making him feel uncomfortable. "Eww." he chuckled, then gazed into the forest.

Aoba (Cicada) © KalinaChan
The Golden Butterfly © TGB Team

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iDawnDusk 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gosh he is lovely! The personality and backstory just hnng <33 ;u; 
SimplyNeon Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:eyes: Love Triangle : San Aoba Nico :eyes:
LMFAO, does Nico have a thing for Remus? That'd be cute~ I'm actually not quite sure if Aoba will develop feelings for him though. He's currently more after Weiland, but who knows what the future brings xD
SimplyNeon Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He might :eyes:
Right now from where we left off in the RP, Nico's trying to prevent San from committing suicide. But Nico's like...pretty much almost homo, he likes guys a lot more than gals <33
xD I can't wait till Pann replies ;D
Hollyseven Feb 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Pisciz: :iconlazeplz:
Aoba: I believe this kind of pose is a little odd for a cat. Are you alright?
Hollyseven Feb 7, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Pisc: :iconblushuplz:
Aoba: You are looking a little feverish. I would suggest seeing a light triber.
Hollyseven Feb 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Pisc: :iconokayfaceplz:
Hollyseven Jan 29, 2014  Student Digital Artist
He's gay

Knew it

Aoba let me love you
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